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At Agakim we offer a wide selection of water-based polymers, thickeners, wetting and dispersing agents for paints, adhesives, construction, coatings, wood, furniture, textiles and leather. All our products comply with ISO standards and undergo meticulously conducted quality control process. Please see our product groups arranged by areas of use below: 

Paint Binders

Our water-based pure acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl versatate acrylic, vinyl acrylic polymers as well as polyvinyl acetate homopolymers designed in line with the latest VOC regulations create durable films that provide excellent wet-scrub resistance, water resistance, alkaline resistance, dirt pick-up resistance, high binding capacity, excellent adhesion and very broad range of formulating capabilities.

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Our adhesives portfolio includes a great variety of water-based polymers, such as polyvinyl acetate homopolymer, pure acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl acrylic polymers designed to be used as adhesives in paper, packaging, lamination, and construction sectors. They provide excellent water whitening, blush, removability resistance, compounding properties e.g. with crosslinkers, good tack at low temperatures, splendid adhesion to cold, moist surfaces as well as adhesion onto low energy surfaces.

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Construction Chemicals and Coatings

These are binders used in cementitious and cementless applications that require resistance to water, moisture, chemicals, and physical damages and in bringing innovative low-VOC, APEO-free solutions to the market.

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Wood and Furniture

This product group includes wood adhesives, furniture skeleton adhesives, wood flooring adhesives, wood varnish, and wood paint binders that offer outstanding performance in dry and wet adhesion, thermal creep resistance, and formulation stability.

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Textile and Leather

This product group includes nonwoven binders, textile finishes, carpet back coatings, felt polishing wheel binders, flocking binder, pigment printing binders, and leather solutions.

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Thickeners, Wetting and Dispersing Agents

This product group offers thickeners, wetting agents and dispersing agents that appeal to various sectors.

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